Gerald has written musicals design for performance particularly by junior or senior school. They have all been performed with large [or very large] casts, enabling many children to have parts. These wotks are written to be accompanied by a piano/ keyboard,  however, by arrangement, sound files could be made available. Many of these works have been videoed, and these can be made available for perusal by groups considering mounting them.

Adaptation of the works to take account of any situation is permitted [even encouraged!] 

To obtain performance materials / discuss mounting a production, use the contact link on this web site.


Alice                        story: David Walklett; lyrics and music Gerald Hindes. This musical combines aspects of both Alice books in a unique and entertaining way.

Chocfinger               story:Stephen Leatherdale; lyrics and music Gerald Hindes. What happens when the world's chocolate comes under threat from an evil villain? Can Jane Pond save the situation?

Follow the fairy         story: Stephen Leatherdale; lyrics and music Gerald Hindes. A short, light hearted Christmas tale.

Caesaromagus:         story, lyrics and music: Gerald Hindes. The real story of the Romans, Kempus Maximus and Chelmsford.

"Watch out!"              story, lyrics and music: Gerald Hindes. What happens when twins are each given a watch by their aunt - the one who works on special projects for N.A.S.A.?



"A Christmas Carol"       originally written as a short cantata for children, Gerald has rewritten the piece in 4 parts, so it can also be performed by an adults choir, making a light-hearted addition to any Christmas programme. The work includes a linking part for a narrator. Durration: 15 minutes